Our 3rd new location to visit in 2024 will be to Breedon's Hope Cement Works which will take place on the 19th April. This visit is limited to 15 places. Tickets will go on sale at on the 19th March 2024 at 8pm in the members shop.

Tickets will be £23 each, with all profits going to the Breedon's chosen charity. The tour has only 15.

The tours will start promptly at 10:00 with a Safety Briefing from the Lead Guide and the Rail Manager. Members should arrive 10 minutes beforehand. Car parking is available on site. Minimum age is 12 and anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult who agrees to take full responsibility for the young person. The each tour is expected to take around 4 hours with an opportunity to have a lunch break.

There will also be an opportunity to have a cab ride on one of the sites locomotive up the branchline. Please note you must be fit enough climb up the access steps to reach the cab. Its to be noted that the locomotive will be driven by fully trained operators only.

All visitors must wear the following equipment for safety: Steel toe cap books are mandatory. Safety Glasses, Orange Hi Vis Vest, Hi Vis Leggings, Gloves (Cut Level 3 resistance) and Bump Cap. Both Breedon and Rail Riders will be unable to provide this equipment. If you arrive and don't have the equipment listed then unfortunately you will be refused entry to the site.

The aim is to see as much of the rail site as possible, however Breedon's cannot guarantee access to any particular area or item of rolling stock during the tour as the site will be fully operational. 

Photography is allowed for the most part and the Safety Briefing at the start will identify any rolling stock or areas where photography is not allowed. All photographs and video taken during the event can be shared as long as the following disclaimer is given (Permission was granted by Hope Works to share this image, only invited guest are allowed on this site) 

This tour will be for members only, so why not sign up for a membership today and gain all the benefits of being a member including the chance to take part on our members tours of railways and depots and other special things the ordinary enthusiast cannot do. Visit our website Rail Riders  to sign up for your very own membership